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My expertise lies in a handful of destinations where I either lived or spent enough time to gain a unique local know-how and an insider’s perspective. Paris, Cannes, Miami, Tahiti...

I have been on over 30 different cruises. Each cruise line and ship offer a unique set of advantages…it is important to choose the cruise that was designed with “you” in mind!

Beyond the ports of call, the food, the entertainment, the shops, the activities, and the décor, there is an ambiance and an energy that creates the onboard experience unique to each cruise. I can help you find the perfect match for your dream escape. 

​If you want to travel to France, the South Pacific, Florida, or the Caribbean's, I can guide you to the most fascinating parts of these dream destinations—the ones that tourists come for and the ones that most tourists never see…

Traveling is not only my passion but also my expertise and profession. 

I started representing Carnival Cruises in Tahiti over 15 years ago. Today I'm an independent travel advisor with World Cruises & Travel. 

I will guide you through the many choices available and help you select the best cruise, hotel, and tour package tailored to your desired experience, destination and budget. 

Contact me to discuss your specific needs and desires: 305.788.8389 or Patricia@WorldCruisesandTravel.com

Travel Expert

Patricia De Mervelce, Travel advisor  305.788.8389

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